We are proud of the experience our dispute resolution practice can offer. Our team is involved in a significant number of court cases in the market including both high-value disputes as well as minor debt-collection procedures.

Our advice is primarily aimed to avoid disputes and prevent litigation by making efforts to settle potential differences amicably, taking into consideration the client’s business goals and legal and reputational risks at stake. However, when litigation is unavoidable, our team of specialists provides their guidance on all types of disputes. We always strive to give our clients solution-oriented advice that will take into consideration both legal and business goals.

We have a team of well-known regional lawyers and we represent our clients in a substantial amount of cases. Most recently our team is representing one of Serbian largest companies in a significant number of enforcement and litigation procedures. Also, we are involved in several high-value litigations as well as in cross-border disputes across the region. Our dispute resolution team is ready to tackle litigations from all industry sectors considering the experience gained during more than a decade of representing clients.


Vladimir Perić

Vladimir Perić

Attorney at Law